Live Casino

Live Casino – It’s the best combo!

Like milk and cookies, like fish and chips, like Penn and Teller… Live Casino online is so good together. Casino is great, live Casino is better, but live Casino online takes the experience to another level. And it continues to get better.Live-Casino-online-dealer

Is live Casino online the best way to play? We think so.

Since you can’t play Slots remotely like other games, Slots are not part of live Casino online games. But virtually every other game is.

Here, let us show you.

Live Casino Online – Why It Is Better Than Live Casino

Casinos realized that online players are very different from live players. Online players are always out for something a little bit more. Better graphics, a more realistic environment. As a result, some online Casinos tried to implement 3D environments, but the answer was much simpler.

Stick a camera in a Casino and stream the action!


How does it actually work?

A simple video stream would not work, of course. You could watch other people play but have no valid way to wager yourself. To provide a playable experience, the Casinos set up separate rooms with a variety of games, as well as a team of dealers who interact with the online players.

Every table needs a dealer and a camera. On the dealer’s end, there is the chat which the dealer can read and respond to. On your end, you have the Casino’s interface which the dealer doesn’t see. That’s one of the main differences between Live Casino and live Casino online.

Best Live Casino Online Brand

Not every Casino has these streaming rooms. Just like Slots have big name developers that produce the games for the Casinos, there are brands that specialize in live Casino online almost exclusively.

For example, Evolution Gaming whose live Casino games can be found at 75%of Casinos online.

If the way live Casino online works is still a bit of a mystery, let’s used an example to illustrate.

Let’s say you live in UK. There are lots of live Casinos in UK, as well as betting shops and virtual gaming spots. But why drive to play blackjack, when the experience is just as real online. In many cases, it’s probably even better.

Why Play Live Casino Online

Like you already know, there is no need to travel anywhere. If you want to play in the morning or the middle of the night, you can do so- right in your living room. Or kitchen. Whichever you prefer.

Second, you are also likely not to stay too long. If you go to a Casino, you are in their territory. There are no clocks, no windows. And you’ve just spent 45 minutes coming here. You are not going to leave right away.

Online it’s immensely different. You can play for an hour, or just a couple of minutes. No one is going to hold that against you.

Live Casino Online

Third, it’s much more affordable. High Rollers can still enjoy their head-spinning limits online. But for a beginner it’s much more accessible than going to a brick and mortar Casino. You can play at live Casino online starting from 0.10 (a blackjack hand, a roulette spin.). You would need several times larger bankrolls for a session at a live Casino. Do you think it ends here?

Let’s not forget the platter of games you get access to at a live Casino online. In a live Casino (UK, for example), you can play whatever is on offer in the surrounding Casinos. Nothing more.

Online, you can switch between thousands of Slots, dozens of variants of classic games, lottery, Keno, bingo and more. Even bizarre and web-exclusive games like Double roulette, mini roulette, or a special edition of the Wheel of Fortune. Lots of different games in a variety of stakes to explore.

Lastly, there are many bonuses and special offers new and experienced players can use to their benefit. From no deposit spins, to deposit bonuses, to giveaways and cashback. Opportunities that players don’t have an obligation to sign up for, but many will find some ways to benefit from.

How to Play Live Casino Games the Right Way

What’s your favorite game?

What do you want to play and get better at?

This is important because of one particular difference between online Casino, live Casino and Live Casino online we haven’t discussed yet.

At live Casino online you can’t play for free. We are not talking about bonuses here. But if you ever played at an online Casino, you may know that almost all games are available in play money mode. No need to deposit, or even register.

But it does not apply to live Casino online. You may watch the games, but not play.

Which brings us back to the question we asked just now. What is your favorite game?

If live Casino online is something you are considering, it’s also worth thinking about a bonus. Bonuses help you get more value out of your bankroll. However, you must know beforehand if you would take 50 percent bonus on blackjack or on roulette, because often the first bonus is the best one you will get.

Where to Play Live Casino

Where top play live Casino? We recommend Betfair live Casino and Paddy Power live Casino. There are some fantastic online Casinos. Why these two specifically?

The first reason has nothing to do with live Casino. These are simply amazing Casinos. Betfair as well as Paddy Power have been trusted by players for over two decades. And they deliver.

Of course, these Casinos both have live Casino online games in addition to the hundreds of Slots and other games available.

And lastly, Paddy Power Casino as well as Betfair Casino have been incredibly consistent in offering extra value to their players. Compared to other Casinos online, both Paddy Power and Betfair are innovative, fun and generous.

In any case, if you are looking for a place to play live Casino online, check out our Casino reviews. And if you ever have questions about Live Casino, don’t hesitate to contact us.