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Ripple (currency unit XRP), the "Bitcoin for banks" is not aimed at the end consumer, but at banks. The Ripple network enables banks to make payments in real time. While other cryptocurrencies want to bypass banks in payment transactions, Ripple gathers them around itself. Well-known technologies and functionalities, such as the blockchain, are used. In this, all transactions as well as the transferred countervalues of the transactions are stored.

XRP coins can be managed with Ripple's online wallet. Since all Ripple coins have already been issued, no additional coins are created through a mining process. An important feature of this currency is that transactions are fast and tamper-proof.

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Best Ripple Casinos List 2021

Ripple allows you to shop and pay online on the basis of a direct bank transfer. Ripple casino payments are fast and secure: you use your usual online banking for the process. If you can’t or don’t want to use a credit card or e-wallet when gambling, you can pay at the online casino with Ripple.

Below, you will learn everything about the payment method and how to top up your account at a virtual casino with it. In addition, our experts have researched the best online casinos with Ripple and compiled them into a top list for casino players.

Ripple(XRP) deposit & withdrawal at Online Casinos

Depositing to your account at the casino with Ripple works with an instant transfer. You do not need a card number, a user account and no personal data is stored. You only need to have the access data for your crypto wallet at hand. In the Online Casino, select Ripple as the payment method for your deposit in the cashier area and specify your desired amount. In the list of available countries you will also find yours. After that you can scan special QR code.

A secure and encrypted connection will be established, so you can log in protected for your crypto wallet. To confirm the payment, you usually enter a secret code or fingerprint. Depending on the method your bank uses, this code can come from a list or a generator, or it can be received via SMS. In the last step you will see a summary and confirmation. After that, your deposit amount will be credited immediately, so you can start playing for real money right away.


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