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MasterCard Worldwide is an international company based on the cooperation of various banks and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The main function of this company is to arrange payments between the seller's bank and the buyer's bank. For this purpose, the buyer purchases a MasterCard credit card. The company was founded in 1966 by United California Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and Croker National Bank. Prior to its IPO, MasterCard Worldwide was owned by over 25,000 financial institutions and all of the company's co-owners offered a MasterCard. MasterCard Worldwide's current headquarters are in Purchase, New York. MasterCard is one of the most popular credit cards and is also extremely popular as a payment method in the casino online. MasterCard is accepted in over 210 countries and there are now also debit cards and even a MasterCard prepaid card.

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Best Mastercard Online Casinos 2021

All of the online casinos we have presented and reviewed here accept MasterCard as a means of payment. A MasterCard casino online has the advantage for you that you can start playing for real money immediately after depositing money into your casino account, because MasterCard deposits are super fast.

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All you have to do is go to the cashier of the online casino of your choice and select MasterCard as the deposit method. You can enter your card details and select the amount you want to deposit, and in no time the money will appear in your gaming account. Of course, we only recommend MasterCard online casinos here that guarantee secure encryption of your data. Therefore, do not worry about your security. Once you have made your casino online MasterCard transfer, you will receive a confirmation that your money has been received in the account, and then the gaming fun can begin.

Another advantage of MasterCard online casino is that you can also use your MasterCard to withdraw your winnings. This does not happen immediately, but it does not take too long either. On the pages of your online casino you can find out how long a MasterCard withdrawal should take.

Mastercard Pros
All of our recommended Online Casinos accept
Super fast deposits with your MasterCard
Can also be used to withdraw your winnings

How it Works?

MasterCard credit cards are delivered once an account has been authorized by the bank. After the account is authorized, the cardholder can make purchases or online transfers on sites that accept the MasterCard. The way this card works is relatively simple.

When making a purchase, the credit card holder agrees in principle MasterCard to pay the purchase amount. In the case of online transfers, the cardholder authorizes the purchase by entering a personal code. Some casinos also accept verbal confirmation over the phone. In this case, the seller uses an electronic verification system to check the validity and solvency of the card used. This verification system accesses additional information of the customer such as security code, date of birth, etc.

At the end of the month, MasterCard sends a summary of purchases, open charges, and the current balance. The cardholder must then pay the minimum amount before the expiration date.

Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman
MasterCard Wordwide also offers a debit card called MasterMoney. This card can be used for online purchases or for deposits to a casino account. When used online, MasterMoney must be authorized electronically for each transaction. The amounts are deducted from the user's account in real time. Entering the personal code also ensures the security of the transactions. Therefore, MasterCard cards are considered a trustworthy and secure means of payment worldwide.

MasterCard Deposit

With a MasterCard, players can transfer money to their online casino accounts. The only disadvantage is that more and more casinos refuse this card. Therefore, their transaction might be rejected. Another disadvantage of using MasterCard is that certain casinos charge fees for using a credit card (usually 2%).

Despite these minor inconveniences, using a MasterCard for online deposits is very safe, as the security measures have been optimized for secure and trustworthy transactions.

What else you should know before making your first real money deposit.
Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman
Before you make your first deposit at the casino online MasterCard, find out about the bonus offers of the online casino you have chosen. Namely, all of the online casinos we recommend here will give you a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit, which should at least double your deposit. In addition, some casinos online will give you a special discount if you choose MasterCard as your payment method.

Don't miss out on the great welcome bonus, but check out the exact bonus terms and conditions on the website of your MasterCard online casino so you know how to make the most of your bonus.

MasterCard withdrawal

Many providers know exactly what you are talking about when you ask for Visa or MasterCard. Because so far, these are actually the most commonly used payment methods in the casino. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you can also process your withdrawals via your Mastercard without any problems. Because not every casino and also not every Mastercard allows you to withdraw to a credit card.

To be on the safe side, you can always ask the customer service and clarify in advance that there are no problems. In Online Casinos, however, the Mastercard is becoming more common and there are rarely problems, especially in online casinos. You can use your Mastercard for payment in online casinos such as LeoVegas, Casumo, Cherry Casino, Wunderino and many more without any problems.

Do not make the mistake to check only when withdrawing your winnings as this is possible. Instead, inform yourself in advance and play it safe. Because especially because you find it so common to be able to pay with Mastercard, you should nevertheless not assume unasked that this applies to every provider on the WEB. Just always look very carefully or ask if you can’t find any information on the website.

MasterCard Casino Bonuses

As soon as you make your very first deposit, you will receive a welcome bonus at most online casinos. However, what many people don’t know is that you can’t get this with every payment method. For this reason, it is always worth taking a close look at when and under what conditions you can actually receive a bonus at the online casino. There are a number of casinos that only offer this bonus when you deposit via an e Wallet, which means that you cannot receive a bonus if you use your MasterCard. When and in which casinos this is so, you can find out quite quickly on their website.
If you are not sure if and how you can get a bonus, then we always recommend that you first read the FAQ's on the online casino's website and then contact customer support if you can't find satisfactory answers.

Also, look closely at what kind of MasterCard you have, because there are small but subtle differences. Often, for example, no PrePaid card is accepted, although this is just as a MasterCard again other credit cards. The reason for this is that these cards are not linked to any account and therefore no overdraft facility is possible. When a payment with which corresponding card is accepted, you can always ask the company directly and in this breath also ensure that you can get your bonus. - It is not uncommon that you will be severely limited in your payment method if you want to use a promotion.

However, if you have received a bonus, you can usually use it to play all games at the online casino and do not have to restrict yourself further.


When using a MasterCard credit card to deposit at the online casino, you should think carefully about how much money you want to deposit into your online gaming account, because you need to be able to pay this money back to the MasterCard provider. If you think that you might spend too much money at MasterCard casino online, choose another deposit method.

Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman
As mentioned above, there are now MasterCard debit cards where the money comes directly from your bank account and you don't have to take out a loan. Or, you can get a MasterCard prepaid card where you deposit only the money you want to spend on your online casino game.

In addition, there are of course many other deposit methods at MasterCard online casino where you don’t need credit.


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