Big Kahuna

About Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna is a 5 reel, 9 pay line Video Slot, with a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol and two Bonus features. It has a humorous, jungle flavor, filled with colorful characters and mouthwatering *wild* fruits, which is sure to entice tourists through to advanced players.

How to Play?

The village chief awaits your decision on which offering will appease the hungry volcano’s rumbling appetite, and save the island villagers from its fiery wrath In the Volcano Bonus Feature. This simple “Pick x of y” feature is very popular with players. In the mask bonus feature, the player continues picking masks until he gets a collect. A consolation prize is also awarded, to make the experience more rewarding for those making unlucky choices. The game takes up to five coins per line on nine lines, giving a maximum of 45 coins wagered and a top payout potential of 40 000 (8000 coins x 5 coins per line x 1.00)