50 Line Jack or Better

About 50 Line Jacks or Better

50 line Jacks or better is a video poker game that lets player play 50 hands simultaneously. The game uses one deck per hand (50 decks in total) which is reshuffled after each game. One of the most popular video poker variants is Jacks or better. The objective here is to gain a poker hand that is equal or greater than a pair of jacks. If you get anything lesser then it’s a loss for you and if you gain greater then you get the winning amount. A pair of Jacks or a hand better than that (Pair of Kings, Queens or Aces) is the minimum possible hand. The best possible hand is the Royal flush.

How to Play?

The feature of this game is that it is 50 hands per game. Minimum betting amount is $12.50 while the maximum betting amount is $50.00. Curbing 50 unique hands is a cumbersome task. One hand is dealt by the game and the remaining 49 is seeded with the same card layout. The player only needs to choose the primary hand when he has to select which cards to hold or which to discard. The remaining hands follow similar rule of the thumb at which point all 50 hands become unique. There is a different deck which is used and the win or loss which is based on the combination after the deal.  It is quite possible to lose entire 50 hands or win all.

The bet amount can be selected by clicking on the green plus and minus keys at the bottom left of the screen until you reach the desired bet amount. By clicking on ‘Bet Max’ button, the maximum bet allowed in the game will be divided between the numbers of hands playable in the game. ‘Deal’ button helps to confirm your bet and turn over the first 5 cards on the main hand of the 50 hands you are playing. Auto hold feature automatically holds cards that will guarantee a win. Based on the strength of each of your hands, you will either qualify for a payout based on the paytable, or you will lose your bet for that particular hand.