4 Line Jack or Better

4 line Jacks or better is a video poker game which offers four lines per round instead of one. The poker hand consists of a pair of jacks and above. Obtaining a five-card poker hand with a winning combination is the main objective of this game. Different decks of cards are being used by four lines of cards each. Win is ascertained when every line is treated as a separate hand. The payout is directly proportional to the value of the hand. The cards can be replaced only once.

Pair of jacks is the lowest winning combination while the winning combination is a pair of higher cards like that of Queens. A pair of lower cards is not a winning combination like a pair of tens. By clicking on the “+” and “–“ buttons on the lower left of the screen the value of coins to be wagered can be selected. One more coin is added to the bet per line through the ‘Bet one’ button. Bet is increased to the maximum (five coins per line) through ‘Bet Max’ button. Four times the single line bet amount is subtracted from the account balance due to four lines of cards. Cards that make up a winning hand on the original deal are automatically held through the auto – hold feature. You can replace the cards which you do not choose to hold by clicking on ‘Deal’ button. The dealer draws a face up card and you are given 4 face-down cards to choose from if you choose to double or double half your winnings. You may choose to accept the winnings or double it.

Until your current winning amount exceeds the Double Up limit, you can double up. Double up round limit does not take into account ties and double half. You can see the limits of the current double up rounds by clicking the ‘Limits’ button.