25-Line Aces and Faces

About 25 Line Aces and Faces

25 line Aces and Faces is an exciting version of video poker which permits you to play 25 hands all at once. The game is ideal for you if you aim for the big cards where pairs pay out only for Jacks or better. This is a high risk game which means if the risk pays off then the payouts are going to be much better.

How to Play?

To get started, you need to place your bets and then click on ‘Deal’. Then you are dealt with a single poker 5-card poker hand which needs to be examined. The cards which you choose to hold will appear as held cards in the remaining 24 poker hands on the screen. After this you will get 25 identical partial poker hands. The dealer will fill in each of the missing slots in each of your 25 poker hands, creating 25 distinct poker hands when you click second time on ‘Deal’. Winnings will be ascertained by evaluating these hands individually. The lowest possible winning hand is a pair of any face cards or aces. Winning hand does not constitute of Pairs of cards valued at 2 through 10.

You are eligible for a bonus game after you win a hand. You need to select a card from the face-down selection offered. You will win if the card is higher than the dealer’s card. The bonus is lost along with the earnings from prior hand if the card value is lower.