2 Ways Royal

About 2 Ways Royal Game

2 ways Royal is a fun version of video poker. If you are the one who strives for Royal flush, then this game is for you. The highlights being: odds for getting a Royal flush are twice as high; this has Ace through 5 Royal Flush (known as the Low Flush); it also has classic 10 through Ace Royal Flush (known as the High Flush).

How to Play?

The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards where there are no wild cards. Low flush is an added bonus however there are no bonus payouts. One to five coins need to be deposited into the virtual machine (per hand) which has the option of playing with max coins. The house advantage reduces considerably if you place a maximum bet (max coins). Payout increases if you get a Royal Flush on the fifth coin. Increment in payout schedule is directly proportional to increment in bet. You must have a jacks or better combination to earn your ante back. You may choose to double or double half your winnings. There are five cards – 1 is face up and 4 are face down which are dealt and the objective is to pick a card from the ones facing down that is higher. This game is also referred to as Acey Deucey.