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Welcome to the big Dogecoin Casino comparison 2021! We check out the best Dogecoin casinos on the Internet.

The beautiful sight of Las Vegas or Atlantic City at night makes gamblers' hearts beat faster. However, if you want to do without the traditional casino or even if you don't have time, you will quickly find what you are looking for on the Internet. And even better: Those who own cryptocurrencies can now also use them for online casinos!

There are now several thousand casinos and compares the most popular Dogecoin gambling halls. What is offered and what should you look out for when playing?

Is it a safe investment opportunity and what are the risks for the player? All important points are explained in the Dogecoin casino review.

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Best Dogecoin Online Casinos 2021

CatCasino is the new gambling website that was launched in spring, 2021. It’s operated by Traflow Media N.V. under the license issued by Curacao Gambling Commission. One of the options to play here is to choose demo slots. In this case, you will get free coins to play in a chosen slot, but all the wins will be virtual, too. The payouts and deposits are quite quick and comfortable at CatCasino. You may deposit or withdraw money using dogecoin and doge wallets.

Casino Chan is our test winner Dogecoin Casino. Here you have the largest selection of online games (slots, blackjack, dealer, roulette, various table games, poker, etc.) and also you play here with one of the most reputable Dogecoin casino providers with the best conditions. Casino Chan is regulated and licensed by Curacao. We recommend this casino because of the best conditions for Dogecoin casinos.

The 7BitCasino convinces in various categories. For one, not only the first deposit can be secured with a welcome bonus, but also the subsequent deposits. Moreover, the provider also supports various cryptocurrencies, and not only Bitcoin, as the name might deceive. In addition, the provider has a real entertainment program that offers free spins and contests for the player every now and then. Incidentally, deposits can also be made with euros. Since the game selection can also be counted among the strengths of the casino, the crypto scene’s top position is secured.

At Casinoin you can also expect various reward programs such as large house cashback bonuses, login bonuses and daily betting contests, as well as various deposit options, including Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Advanced auto-betting allows testing infinite strategies at an incredible speed of 2000 bets per second. Unlike traditional casinos, at this licensed and proven fair crypto casino you can verify all your betting seeds to make sure the results are correct and all this while playing anonymously. Currently, 7 cryptocurrencies are accepted, there are no minimum deposit amounts and withdrawals are made instantly in real time.

How to play for DOGE

Dogecoin casinos are attractive, but how can you participate if you don’t own a DOGE yet? Fortunately, some of the featured providers also allow payments using fiat money or buying the cryptos directly on their platform. However, this usually involves higher fees and more effort than buying cryptocurrencies directly.

So it’s best to use our guide to buying cryptocurrencies. This way, you can quickly find the most popular providers. In addition, this way one learns where it is best to buy cryptos, how to store them safely and can also find a start in trading with cryptocurrencies – and not just for a crypto casino!

One should note that the market is mainly used by investors. In this respect, it is a real specialty to buy the real coins. Note that to store the digital coins you need an address, or a crypto wallet.

We recommend eToro. Here you can also trade, but there are also options to buy the coins directly and a free crypto wallet as an app. Thanks to eToro, you have the opportunity to quickly and easily enter the cryptocurrency market.

How to find a reputable and legal Dogecoin casino?

In our Dogecoin casino comparison, we have of course only oriented ourselves towards reputable DOGE casinos. This sometimes raises the question of how you can actually recognize a fair Dogecoin casino. These were the most important factors in our comparison.

Transparent conditions
Fair conditions (also for bonus)
Based in the EU, USA, Canada or Australia
Positive experiences from users
Various deposit and withdrawal methods

One of the most important factors in our Dogecoin casino test is the operator’s headquarters, which should be located in the European Union. This is because the safest Dogecoin casinos are located in the EU.

Here you will not only find a legal area that is directly accessible to you, but you can also rely on the strict regulations of the community of states, which are much more strict in Europe than in other countries.

It is one of the basic requirements of any modern website to have an imprint. If you already notice here that there is no such imprint with risk notice, then you should refrain from this Dogecoin Casino. An imprint and a reference to the location of the Dogecoin Casino is the number 1 requirement for the seriousness of this.

It certainly does not hurt to continue to obtain user experiences in forums. Reviews from test sites, blacklists or lists of safe casino sites can also help.

Sure, you want to pay for Dogecoin games primarily with cryptocurrencies. But are there alternative payment methods? If so, that clearly speaks for the provider. Paypal in particular is an indication of seriousness, since you still enjoy the buyer protection of the service provider.

Dogecoin Casino Bonus

Of course, various websites also offer bonuses, mostly for registration, verification or a deposit. Either you get a fixed number of free spins for free or fiat and cryptocurrencies paid out.

There is also a Dogecoin casino without deposit, here a fixed amount is provided for free. However, the bonuses are often tied to very high conditions, which you should definitely read through beforehand.
Most providers have promotions, for example a Dogecoin no deposit bonus. This sounds tempting at first, but it is important to check whether the platforms keep their promises of payouts. Here, it is important to check where the provider comes from, what fees are charged and whether there is actually an imprint.

With a Dogecoin casino without deposit, the bonus amounts must often first be exposed to a certain turnover. The higher the turnover, the less attractive the offer becomes.

With cryptocurrencies, you often have to use three times the amount of your deposit in games before you are allowed to make your first withdrawal.

Accepted bonuses sometimes increase the requirements for a withdrawal. This makes it harder to get your previously transferred money. Even with free spins, special conditions can lead to having to pay money afterwards.

At reputable online casinos, the requirements are under the bonus or in the FAQs. A quick look should provide information about what you have to do for the payout.

Free Spins

Some gambling providers do not give their customers a starting credit, but Free Spins. These are free trials. You often get them by registering, verifying, depositing or reaching certain milestones. This is probably also known from normal online casinos, where you only use FIAT money. You should also already be familiar with this principle from games on smartphones.

The number is fixed from the start and you can find it listed on the respective websites. Sometimes, certain conditions are attached to the release of the free trials here as well. If you want to receive free spins, you should find out whether they are offered before registering at a Dogecoin casino. It should be noted that the free spins are often only available for certain games.

This often has the sense that customers try out new games and invest their money. Often, according to a study, the losses of the investors are significantly higher than usual. Furthermore, these are mostly high-risk games than others.

Every gamer should approach such promises of the companies with the necessary caution and gather all the important information first.

No Deposit Bonus

If you don’t deposit, you don’t put your savings at risk. That is why a Dogecin no deposit casino bonus is so special. Unfortunately, it is not very common to find such a promotion. Neither bonus codes nor welcome bonuses usually rely on a waiver of the deposit. However, most casinos do require a deposit, albeit minimal. After all, this is also gambling, without a stake you can not win anything. Just like in a real casino or a real slot machine.

If you still find such an offer as a player, then you will not get around a registration. Incidentally, various sites for Dogecoin sports betting are also likely to rely on this type of promotion. However, you will not get around a minimum deposit here either. Unless the Dogecoin Casino offers a demo version of games and sports betting. But it is true that if you do not deposit any money or Dogecoins, you cannot win anything. Thus, this is purely for testing.

At various blockchain casinos, no fiat currencies are paid out, but cryptocurrencies. Thus, you cannot win Euros or Dollars, but Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all other offered coins.

In contests and for reaching certain milestones, cryptocurrencies are thus paid out to the winner. Even in normal games, you get your winnings paid out in cryptos. However, if one loses, the deposited coins are retained and are lost.

One advantage of the payment method is that you are reasonably invisible on the net. The cryptocurrencies can be traced back to the wallet at most if you deposit your key.

Otherwise, no one knows who the player is. At casinos without cryptos, you can always find a payment transaction and information that is traceable. Also, withdrawals require a lot of personal data and take much longer.


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