Video Poker Guide

Beat the Machine – Video Poker Guide

Video Poker plays much like a traditional game of draw poker, however, you only play against the computer and nobody else.

Once you have made a wager, you are dealt five cards, you will then have the option to discard as many of those cards as you wish to be replaced in a draw.

The aim is to end up with a winning poker hand, which in most video poker games will be a pair or jacks or better. The better your hand, the bigger your potential payout.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the ranking of poker hands, and check out what the payouts are for each type of hand at the online casino you play at.

Although it is mostly gambling, with a significant house edge, there is a degree of skill to video poker.

This is mostly in knowing when to discard certain cards and when to keep them, and knowing what the odds are of making a certain hand after the draw.

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