How Does Casino Lottery Work? Keno 101

Keno is like a mix of bingo and a lottery, there is no skill involved, but it is lots of fun. The odds of winning are low, however, the payouts tend to be very big when you do win.

Keno is a very simple game that you can pick up right away. You start with a card with numbers 1-80 and have to pick between 4 and 10 numbers to play.

20 balls are drawn, and depending on how many of yours come up you win a prize, the more you match the higher your payout.

You won’t win often at Keno, but when you do the payout is likely to be large, especially if there are progressive jackpots which works like a lottery rollover.

Although no skill is involved, you can increase your chances of winning by placing multiple wagers on each spin.

Before you start playing Keno, make sure you study the odds of winning and potential payouts when picking on online casino to play on.

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