Caribbean Stud

Most Overlooked, but Incredibly Fun – Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is a form of poker, which is played against a dealer and offers progressive jackpots.

You put an initial ante into the pot then you are both dealt five cards, four face down and one face up.

You can then choose whether to bet again, or fold, but this time the ante is double the initial bet. After which the remaining cards are turned face up.

The dealer must be dealt at least a pair of eights to have a chance to win, if they are dealt a pair of sevens or worse, then your initial ante is returned, plus the dealers.

If you also have a better hand than the dealer, you will get your larger ante returned, plus the dealer will payout a multiple of your larger ante depending on the strength of your hand (For example, three of a kind may pay on a 3-1 basis, and a Royal Flush on a 100-1 basis).

Alongside playing against the dealer, you can also have an additional side bet of one ante on the progressive jackpot. You must do this before the cards are dealt.

The payouts can be huge in the progressive jackpot, and you usually need a flush or better to win part of it (With a Royal Flush taking the entire jackpot).

There is a slight element of skill playing against the dealer; however, the progressive jackpot is pure gambling.

Make sure you understand the poker hand rankings before you play, and check out our Casino Reviews for the best Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpots.

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