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Casino Rules: Five Bankroll-Saving Minutes

Rules are boring. Most rules. But they save you. Knowing rules of the game you are playing will save you and your bankroll many times.

That’s why you should learn rules. As straight as that.

‘How’ is another question.

How to Learn the Rules of Any Game

casino rules variousLike we said, most rules are boring. It makes us feel sleepy. We want action, speed, excitement. Rules are none of those things.

But again, knowing rules can be very valuable. Have you heard of a ‘la partage’ rule in Roulette? Knowing seemingly insignificant rules can shave off a couple of percent off of the house edge.

You say 2 percent doesn’t matter?

We say the whole of Las Vegas was built on these tiny margins.

How do you actually learn? You study and you practice. (And you thought it’s going to be hard, didn’t you?). You study the theory of the games you like and Casino strategies in general.

Game theory will teach how to play a particular game. In Blackjack you would learn when you should hit and when to stand, while as a Roulette player you could learn about differences between American Roulette, European Roulette, and the French Roulette.

General Casino knowledge will help you recognize new opportunities, avoid dangerous situations. For example, new players are rarely introduced to a concept of bankroll management. At least, not until it costs them. In simple words, bankroll management is simply staying within the limits of your bankroll.

This and similar concepts are crucial to learn for every Casino player who doesn’t just want to hand over their hard-earned cash to the Casino owners.

Then you practice what you learn. You practice by playing free games online.

Why online? We’ll get to that in a second.

At Casino Grinders you will find an increasing library of Casino game rules like Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Keno, etc. We also review the rules of tournaments which is a relatively new way to play Casino games.

Applying Casino Game Strategies for Optimal Results

applying casino strategyLet’s get back to learning the rules and strategies. General strategies include your mental game, bankroll management skills, overall understanding of probability, and details of how Casinos operate.

Did you know that every Casino Slot has an RTP (a theoretical return to player ratio)? It’s expressed in percent and shows you the house’s edge. It is usually somewhere around 96 percent. It may be obvious why knowing this information is important but there’s even more than meets the eye.

Here’s an example. There is a new Casino player called Steve. He, like most of us, gets excited about head-spinning Casino jackpots. Especially progressive jackpot Slots which often exceed £10 million. RTP for this Slot is 97.8 percent. Pretty great, huh?

But what if you knew that the potential progressive jackpot adds a significant amount to the RTP percentage.

What if you knew that the realistic return is much lower?

What if you knew that unless you increase your bet, you wouldn’t even play for the jackpot?

Would you still play that progressive jackpot Slot?

We’re not saying that progressive jackpots are not worth playing compared to other Casino games. We’re saying that knowing the rules gives you a reasonable expectation which you can base your decisions on.

Most people miss these key details because they are rushing to play. Fine. There is another way. Remember we told you that playing online games is a great way to learning the rules of Casino games?

progressive jackpotOpen an online Casino and start playing free games. Every Casino has them. You can learn everything about Casino games this way. At no cost or risk, mind you! You can even print out strategy cheat sheets for games like blackjack or roulette. Have them by your side and follow the strategy until you learn it by heart.