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Bitcoin is now available as a payment method in many reputable online casinos.

If you are familiar with this provider, it is because this alternative payment method is becoming more and more popular among online casino players. But it is still nowhere near as widespread as other payment methods, so most players will wonder what this payment method even consists of. Therefore, we would like to shed some light on this matter and provide you with some practical information about the Bitcoin payment method!

We have summarized the most important info and advantages of Bitcoin payments and created a list of reputable online Bitcoin casinos that we rank among the best providers for gamblers in 2021.

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Best Bitcoin Online Casinos 2021

Are you a user of the new online payment system and looking for an online casino that accepts Bitcoin? Then you have come to the right place! We went through over 250 gambling providers from A to Z and were thus able to determine which casinos have the option to make deposits with Bitcoins. We then tested the different providers and determined the best Bitcoin casinos online as of 2021 that are available for gamblers.

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However, in these online casinos, we not only checked the payment processing for proper functioning, but also scrutinized other parts of the casino besides the cashier. For example, we make sure that the recommended provider is available for casino players and that you will find a competent and quick-acting customer service. In addition, we make sure that you will find the best real money games online at these Bitcoin casinos, that you can take advantage of a unique bonus program and that the security and respectability at this provider is exceptionally high. Take a closer look at all of our casino review criteria.

Currently, there are only a handful of online casinos that offer this alternative payment method. However, Bitcoin is a system that is very well received by users and so we will probably be able to find it in many more online casinos in the future. They are well aware of the security concerns of the players and this method would be ideal for players who want to maintain their anonymity and do not want to reveal their personal information during online transactions.

Should you play at Bitcoin Casino, you should make sure beforehand that the rates are stable. In other words, not falling or rising greatly. So, you should always keep an eye on the current Bitcoin values. If the value rises, it would of course be inadvisable to play with it.

How To Find Best of the Best?

Usually, you would think that casinos don’t care how they receive their money in the end. However, this is not quite the case and you will have to search specifically if you are looking for an online casino with a special deposit method. Unfortunately, while cryptocurrency is on the rise, it is still not so common that you can easily use and find it everywhere.
To find a suitable online casino, you can look for a suitable review. On the Internet, there are a lot of recommendations for certain providers. This way you can also be sure that it is a reputable provider where you can play, win and cash out seriously. If you can not find any information about an online casino on the Internet, then you should think again carefully whether you really want to sign up there. Many casinos advertise with great offers, but not every casino then really provides you with them.

Especially if you want to deposit with Bitcoins, you have to pay attention to which exchange rate is offered to you. Most casinos do not run completely as Bitcoin casinos, but simply offer the currency as a payment method. This means that you can make your deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin, but all functions in the casino itself run via another currency. Of course, it is enormously important to be able to switch to a good one, or the official short.

What exactly a special casino is about, you can often only find out if you test it yourself by signing up. However, we also recommend that you listen to the opinions and reviews of others who may have tested the provider before you. In general, you can never know what to expect, whether you want to deposit with Bitcoin or choose another, more traditional option like e-wallets or credit cards. However, don't make it too easy for the providers and research extensively what to expect at the casino.

If you have had good experiences with an online casino, then simply write a review for other players. Of course, you can primarily describe your experiences with the payment systems and currencies like Bitcoin, but also mention which games are made available to you and which offers and promotions you can regularly take advantage of. This way, you can also help other players find a good and reliable online casino and may be able to rely on their support more and more often in the future.

With all the focus on the payment method and the fact that you want to pay with Bitcoins, you should try not to forget about gambling. We understand that there aren’t many casinos that really just accept all payment methods and that’s why you have to search for a really long time, but always look at the game selection as well and consider if that’s enough for you. You shouldn’t choose a casino where you can pay with Bitcoins out of desperation. Once you start looking, you will always be able to find more, even if it doesn’t look like it to you at all in the beginning.

So it doesn’t always have to be a wallet and more and more online casinos understand that. It is worth looking closely and also once to question what there are actually for possibilities. Because even if you may not have Bitcoins at all, you can thus consider whether you might be interested in them. Cryptocurrencies could be a great alternative to traditional payment methods, especially in online casinos, and especially because it’s fast. You don’t have to wait for your payments, but can access your money within a few minutes, transfer it further or just gamble it away in the online casino. You also have to put up with long waiting times when making a withdrawal.


Mainly due to the fast and easy-to-use online casino Bitcoin payments, Bitcoin is an increasingly popular payment method on the WEB. In just a few steps and with the straightforward use of software or an online solution, you can buy Bitcoins and transfer them to your casino account. This saves you from using online payment service providers and the hassle of time-consuming international bank transfers.

If you choose the Bitcoin option, then you will not have any transfer fees. Even during weekends or holidays, your requests will be processed without any waiting time. Your money matters are only your business, which means that no third party knows about your transactions. Bitcoin has no minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. All your transactions on Bitcoin remain confidential because you don’t have to provide any personal information to receive or send Bitcoins. You also need to know that this payment system is independent from other currencies. With this alternative payment method you’ll find numerous benefits, including: no transaction costs (apart from the cost of your Internet connection), anonymous and trustworthy transactions and no limits. The only downside with this payment method is that you need to be extra mindful. You are solely responsible for this electronic wallet that you download to your PC or smartphone. Just like with a real wallet.

Particularly secure payment option
Fast money transfers without hassle of formalities
Anonymous and secure casino payments
Bitcoins are also accepted in many online stores
Increasing value of cryptocurrencies
Free deposits and withdrawals

The absolute anonymity and security of payments on the WEB is another plus point in favor of using the online payment method. All that the casino learns about you when it receives your payment is a Bitcoin number and your name. This way, you are absolutely safe from fraudsters and hackers and do not have to reveal your bank details on the Internet.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

In many online casinos, cryptocurrencies are not yet available and you still have to resort to traditional payment methods and currencies. Nevertheless, there are increasingly more providers who at least deal with the idea and offer at least the most famous of all cryptos – Bitcoin. But in doing so, you should definitely pay attention to whether you are also considered for all promotions and offers when depositing via Bitcoins. Most do accept the currency and thus the payment, but then deny players a bonus.
Overall, you should always look carefully at what conditions you can get a bonus at the online casino. It is not always the case that you simply deposit and then automatically receive your welcome bonus. Often you have to choose the right payment method. This information is sometimes not so easy to find for customers, because on the pages of online casinos are of course always a lot of different information and many make around things like the deposit method really little thought.

With a little more experience in the casino, you will quickly develop an eye for what to look out for. However, as long as you are still unsure, we recommend that you exchange information with other players, read forums, blog posts and articles on the subject.

You should keep in mind that not every provider means well with you and of course there are always smaller or larger hurdles to overcome. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the website thoroughly and make sure that it is a reputable provider. Otherwise, of course, even the greatest bonus is of no use to you if you can't even request your payouts in the end.

Online Gambling is therefore increasingly about finding the right provider. Once you have found the right online casino, you will be able to have a lot of fun. We just suggest that you make sure that you choose a provider that gives you what it promises and that you can also use alternative payment methods like Bitcoin – BTC.

How It Works

If you know how e-wallets work, then you will also be able to easily understand how the Bitcoin payment system works. Behind this name is both an electronic currency and an online payment system. Bitcoin offers its own currency and does not depend on any banking institution. To use this alternative payment method, you need to visit the Bitcoin site and install the Bitcoin wallet of your choice on the PC or your mobile device. After this extremely simple process, you’ll have a Bitcoin account to which you’ll be able to transfer funds worldwide, for free and in real time.


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