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The spread of the payment method has increased significantly in recent years and the first online casinos now also offer deposits and withdrawals with this cryptocurrency. On this page you will find not only the test about the best BCH casinos and games, but also a lot of additional background information about transactions and last but not least my personal Bitcoin Cash casino experiences.
For transactions, the remitter must pay a fee to the network, which is distributed as a reward to the miners for their work. You can set the amount of this fee as you wish, but keep in mind that the higher the fee, the more likely the transaction will be added to the next block of the blockchain. However, modern wallets offer an option to calculate the fee automatically depending on the network load, so you don't have to worry about it yourself. The casino itself does not take any additional fees for the deposit, but has to bear the fees even for a withdrawal. More about this in the Bitcoin Cash Casino Withdrawal section.

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Best Bitcoin Cash Casino with Bonuses 2021

According to our Bitcoin Cash Casino experience, every provider also offers a welcome bonus for the first deposit. This bonus can either be given directly as a Bitcoin Cash bonus or you get a Euro bonus if the casino account is managed in Euros. If a bonus is specified with a Bitcoin Cash amount, the player account is also managed in this cryptocurrency and the corresponding deposit bonus is credited. The following overview shows the best Bitcoin Cash casino bonus offers:

Bovada Welcome $3000 100%x2 Bonus

Paying at BCH in Online Casino

Paying with Bitcoin Cashs works a bit differently than with classic payment service providers. Since BCH is a decentralized blockchain, there is no central office that checks or approves the payment. You simply send the appropriate amount to the desired address and the payment is recorded in the blockchain. All balances and addresses are publicly viewable in the blockchain, but cannot be manipulated. However, the credit is only safe if you protect your own private key. A private key is literally the key to all access to a particular Bitcoin Cash address, which is called a public key. You can find more information about this in the “Security” section.

Even the best Bitcoin Cash casino must transmit all communication and payment transactions in encrypted form. But even if the individual public key should be intercepted, without the associated private key, this data is completely useless, so the public keys (as an analogy to account numbers) can also be shared publicly without hesitation. Therefore, paying in Bitcoin Cash Casino is more secure than any other payment method.

How to deposit in Bitcoin Cash casinos?

If you click on deposit in a crypto casino, you can first select the desired method. Even if it is a casino with Bitcoin Cash deposit, all other classic payment methods such as credit cards, wallets or transfers are usually also available. Once you have selected BCH, you will be given an address (public key) that belongs to your casino account. Now you have to specify the amount you want to send to your casino account. This is usually specified in BCH, but for safety’s sake, a calculator is also provided where you can enter a Euro amount and get the corresponding Bitcoin Cash equivalent displayed.

However, you have to initiate the “transfer” yourself, there is no payment service provider like Visa that will do it for you after you enter all the data. You now go to your Bitcoin Cash wallet and enter the public key of the casino account and the transfer amount. In addition, you have to set the respective transaction fee, if the wallet does not do this automatically for you.

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